Thursday, September 1, 2011

It started as a great day!

It was a bright and hot September day. I had just started college a few weeks back, and I was finally starting to feel comfortable out it the real world. I was wearing a marune, sleeveless turtleneck with a pair of jean shorts. I wanted to try out my new blouse I had bought because I was getting ready to start my new job at the hospital next week. It was the week I had off between my old job and my new one. y first class wasn't until 9:30 so I was able to sleep in a bit. I usually turned on the news when I was getting ready but today i decided to turn on the radio. It was a georgeous day in southern Louisiana but also very hot. I remember I had to stop for gas before I left the neighborhood. There was a small station in the front of the neighborhood. I drove to school and had on a CD. I didn't feel like hearing talking on the morning show I normally listened to so I put in my favorite CD. I got to the lot got on the bus and headed off to campus. I got to my classroom and sat down. As I was getting all my books out for Algebra a girl in my major who I had known for only a few weeks walked in and asked if we had heard about the plane crash. I didn't say a thing but I remember my professor saying I heard. Isn't it crazy. They talked how a plane had flown into the WTC. Class started and we went about our way. When class was over I haad to walk to the psychology building and I remember every conversation I heard on the way was about these planes crashing. I walked into my Psych class and sat in the front as usual and starting talking to my friend asking if she heard and we both only knew the basics. I will never forget what happened next. My psych professor walked in with the saddest face I had ever seen on a person. Now this was a man who was full of life for every class. He could hold our attention with his stories and teaching. Something was very wrong. I remember word for word what he said. "This is a sad day, even if the university would allow me to I couldn't teach. My heart is sad and broken." he then told us to go home and make sure we tell our loved ones how much they mean to us. This is when I heard and realized what exactly had gone on and what had happened. I walked to the bus and got on. As soon as the bus brought us to the lot. I got in my car and turned on the radio. I knew if it was as bad as everyone was saying they would be talking about it on the radio. I got in threw my backpack in the backseat and crancked the car on and blasted the AC. I will never forget the first words I heard. "People are jumping! They are just jumping out of the building!" At that very moment I couldn't breathe, at that very moment I realized this was horrible. Looking back now, at that very moment I lost my innocents that our world was safe and we were no longer protected. I had to go to the local pool shop to refill our candy machine for my dads business. I had a pager then. My parents thought I should have something since I was starting college. I got a page from my mom. I drove in tears listening to everything that was happening. I had tears of sorrow. I got the local pool place and asked the girl behind the counter if she was watching what was going on. I will always remember how hard and hateful she was. He responce was that some idiot flew a plane into a big building. I asked if I could use her phone. I called my mother and I remember her saying, she knew nothing was happening in Louisiana but when something so terrible happens all you want to do is check on your child and hear their voice. I now understand what she meant. I finished what I had to do and then went home. I turned on my tv and pulled out my math books to do my homework. After an hour I went to m grandparents house. I didn't want to be alone. I remember feeling scared by myself. Like maybe someone would jump out of a corner. As the day went on we all learned what we all know now. I watched the presidents speech that night like every other American. I will never forget how close we became as a city, state and nation in the following weeks.
Every person has their own story, and every generation has their own feeling. I believe that day was the day that my generation lost their innocents. We had been thrust into the world 14 weeks earlier and were so excited about all that we could do and become. There was NOTHING to be scared of. We were protected from all the bad things in the world and all the bad guys by huge and deep oceans. All that bad stuff happened over there not here. It was good here. I may not have been in NY, Washington, or Penns that day. I may not know a single soul that died. I also may not have ran for my life or lost a family member. But this effects me. I will never forget that day, where I was or even what I was wearing. This Sept 11 my son and I will be getting on a plane. We are going home for a visit. I had initially said I would never fly on 9/11. But then I realized if I do that then they win, and I refuse to lose. My thoughts and prayers are with the families, victims, and all American this 9/11.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starting to look back

As fall creeps around the corner, all I can think about is what I was doing last year at this time. All I could think about was the fall. It was going to bring great things. A baby shower, a big cute belly, and of course my baby boy. It's so bittersweet to see how far we've come in the past year. It just blows my mind that his frost birthday is approaching. I feel like it was yesterday that I was complaining it was to hot to be pregnant. I've also been thinking how much my husband and I have grow up, and grown closer since he was born. Our priorities have shifted and the world is a much scarier place now. We have so many things to think about and consider for everything we do. I'm also realizing that as we get older we have the ability to grow apart from some and grow closer to others. I also have to say I have the best husband in the world. It does't get better than this. I am on cloud nine and living the good life!

Monday, August 1, 2011

We can crawl!

And boy can we move now!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Routine

So someone asked me the other day to post our daily routine. Here it is!

6:00-6:30 Wake and play in bed for a few minutes
6:30-7:00 Go to the kitchen Isaac plays in his walker while I get breakfast ready
7:00-7:30 Breakfast Time
7:30-8:00 More wailer time while I pick up breakfast and clean the kitchen
8:00-9:00 Floor play time and or bouncer
9:00-10:00/10:30 Bottle and Nap Time
10:00/10:30- 11:00 Get Dressed and Snack TIme
11:00-12:00 Stroller/Run Errands (Get out of the house)
12:00-12:30 Lunch Time
12:30-1:45 Play/ Gymboree/ Finish running Errands
1:45-2:30/3:00 Bottle Nap
2:30/3:00-4:30 Play Time/ Reading
4:30-5:00 Dinner
5:00-6:00 Walker Time while Mom and Dad Cook and eat dinner
6:00-6:30 Daddy and Isaac Time
6:30-7:00 Talk to Meme and Pawpaw on Skype
7:00-7:15 Bath
7:15-7:30 Bottle and Rocking
7:30 Down for the Night

Monday, June 27, 2011


So you know how I told you my son loved the water, well we decided to take him to the pool. OMG he freaked out. He loved it. In fact so much we decided to put him in swimming lessons. We had a great weekend. Went to the pool twice, took J and I to Gymboree and finished it off with a family BBQ yesterday at J's aunts house. I love weekends like this. Oh and to top it off we found out my aunt is coming visit next month. Yeah!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Days

So my little man loves the outdoors. I can't tell you how much his mood changes if he is crabby and we go outside. HE LOVES IT! He also loves water. We should have named him Nemo. So the lake is obviously his favorite place these days. So I figured I would share a few pics from our trip to the lake yesterday when my family was in town! We had a blast!

Just to prove he's not always happy! It was time to leave:-(